Casey Crane

Content Manager

Casey Crane

Casey Crane is a Content Manager with an innate curiosity to understand how things work and why people do what they do. She views learning as a lifelong goal — a concept that her mother instilled in her from childhood is the idea that when you stop learning, you're dead.

This concept has stuck with her throughout her life and contributed to her working as a journalist, higher education communications professional, and Content Manager. She has two degrees in mass communication (a bachelor's degree in journalism and master's degree in media studies) and an interest in teaching part-time as an adjunct professor in the future.

For about 15 years, Casey has been writing articles to share her interests and to help others learn about a variety of topics.

She is passionate about data privacy and wants to educate others about encryption because it plays such an integral role in our daily lives (even though many people don't know it!).

When Casey isn't writing or reading about areas of interest — IT security, history, medical research, gluten free cooking, and serial killers (the topic of her master's thesis) — she can be found gardening, hanging out with family, walking her dog, or creating new and delicious recipes.