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DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL

A comprehensive website security suite that’s so much more than just SSL

DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL

Validation Type: OV Reissue: Unlimited Issuance: 1 Day Warranty: $2,000,000

Business Validated SSL
Mobile Friendly SSL Certificate
No Green Address Bar
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SSL Store Rating

Multi-Domain SSL Rating

Site Seal

digicert Site Seal

Important! To ensure the most up-to-date security that meets the latest browser requirements, you'll need to re-issue your certificate (at no cost to you) once per year. Don't worry, we'll send you an email reminder 30 days in advance! More details...


Product Summary

  • No IconHighest Level of Validation
  • Yes IconSite Seal: Dynamic, Norton™ Seal
  • Yes IconPost-Quantum Resistant
  • Yes IconSAN-Enabled
  • Yes IconServer Licensing: Unlimited
  • Yes IconVulnerability Assessment
  • Yes IconMalware Scan: VirusTotal
  • Yes IconWildcard
  • Yes IconCertCentral® Mgmt. Platform
  • Yes IconPriority Support
  • Yes IconPriority Validation
  • Yes IconInstant Issuance

DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL certificates are one of the most robust, feature-rich SSL certificates available. With powerful, quantum-proof encryption, business authentication, a range of functionality options and the universally-trusted DigiCert roots powering it all – this is the industry's premier OV SSL certificate. But Secure Site Pro is so much more than just an SSL certificate. The Norton Secured™ site seal grabs your customers' attention the moment they arrive at your website and offers instant recognition of your identity and security, while Priority Validation and Support means no waiting for your certificate to be issued. Your site will also benefit from a full vulnerability assessment, daily malware scanning and an impressive Web Application Firewall. And to manage it all you can leverage the solution already trusted by millions of the world's most successful businesses, DigiCert CertCentral® Certificate Management Platform – a powerful, easy-to-use management solution that eliminates all the time and tedium traditionally involved. DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL goes well beyond simple connection security – it's a complete website security solution.

Norton Site Seal

Assurance & Authentication

Assurance & Authentication

DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL certificates are Organization Validated and require light business authentication before DigiCert issues one. DigiCert was already the industry leader in validation time and efficiency, but Secure Site Pro customers also receive Priority Validation & Support, which means you can skip the line and go first. You'll have your certificate(s) in hand within minutes. When customers visit your website, they'll be able to verify your identity by checking the subject fields in your Secure Site Pro certificate. They'll also recognize the Norton Secured™ site seal, the internet's most trusted security indicator. When customers see that yellow and black checkmark, they know immediately that your organization passed muster with one of the world's most trusted security companies.

Security & Encryption

Security & Encryption

DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL certificates don't just support the most modern, most secure cryptosystems like RSA and ECC – they're also quantum-proof. DigiCert leads the way on post-quantum cryptography (PQC) and co-signs every Secure Site Pro certificate with both a modern cryptosystem and a post-quantum one. When quantum computing arrives, your website will be ready. And so will your customers. DigiCert's infrastructure is second to none and its roots are universally trusted. No matter where you customers connect from, or what browser or mobile device they're using – your DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL certificate will be up to the task.

SAN & Multi-Domain Support

SAN & Multi-Domain Support

The DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL certificate is capable of full multi-domain/SAN functionality at any time during the certificate's lifecycle. Secure Site customers can configure their certificate to work with Wildcard SANs (securing sub-domains), multi-domains (securing up to 250 different domains) or a multi-domain wildcard (securing 250 different combinations of domains + subdomains). Simply complete your Certificate Signing Request as needed, with SANs, wildcard characters or both – DigiCert will issue the certificate with your requested functionality.

Mobile & Browser Compatibility

Mobile & Browser Compatibility

The DigiCert Secure Site SSL certificate is compatible across all the major platforms.

Compatible Browsers:
  • Chrome 3+ (above)
  • Opera 7+ (above)
  • Safari all browsers
  • Firefox 1+ (above)
  • Netscape 9+ (above)
  • IE 5+ (above)
  • AOL 10+ (above)
Mobile compatibilities include:
  • Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer
  • Palm / Handspring Blazer 2.0+
  • Apple iPhone, iPad, Safari
  • NTT Do Co Mo
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Smartphone 2003
  • Sony Playstation Portable
  • Sony Netjuke Audio
  • Netfront 3.0+
  • Blackberry
  • AT&T
  • Openwave
  • Brew
  • Vodaphone

Features & Benefits

Feature & Benefits
  • Organization Validation (OV) Certificate
  • Displays verified organization information in the certificate details
  • Single domain (default, SAN & Wildcard functionality optional)
  • Norton Secured™ Seal
  • Priority Validation & Support
  • Installation Checker
  • $2,000,000 Warranty Protection
  • 99.9% Browser and Mobile Recognition Rate
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Unlimited FREE Self-Service Reissues
  • Unlimited Server Licenses
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Supports RSA & ECC
  • Post-Quantum ready

Product Specifications

Product Specification
  • X.509 Digital Certificate
  • Organization Validation SSL Certificate
  • Single Domain Functionality (default, SAN & Wildcard functionality optional)
  • Key size: 2048-bit RSA or 224-bit ECC
  • Symmetric 256-bit encryption
  • SHA-2 Hashing Algorithm (256, 384, 512)
  • Co-Signed with Post-Quantum Cryptosystem

Site Seal

Site Seal

Site Seals are small logos or symbols that function as trust indicators. Over half of all phishing websites now bear standard SSL security indicators so internet users are learning to look for site seals. No site seal does more than the Norton Secured™ seal, which is the most recognizable, trusted seal by a wide margin. Multiple studies by Baymard and other independent researchers have confirmed this. The Norton Secured™ seal has even be proven to increase conversions by as much as 20%. When visitors glimpse your Norton Secured™ seal they know immediately that your organization is verified and valid. It's the best first impression money can buy.



You'll probably never need to use your NetSure™ Protection Plan – nobody has ever needed to. DigiCert's track record is spotless. It leads the way in terms of compliance, transparency and trust. It invests millions in its infrastructure annually. Nobody does more to keep its products and customers trusted than DigiCert does. That even includes backing all Secure Site Pro SSL certificates with the industry’s top warranty: $2,000,000. No, you'll probably never need your NetSure™ warranty, but it's nice to know DigiCert stands ready to make you whole if you ever do.

Digicert Brand

DigiCert is the world's PKI leader. Its roots are universally trusted, its products are relied upon by countless organizations around nobody invests more in its infrastructure annually than DigiCert does. DigiCert is the Certificate Authority other CAs call when things go sideways. It stepped in and navigated the Symantec distrust flawlessly, its leading the way on quantum-proof encryption and it's the trendsetter in securing the IoT. More high-value companies trust DigiCert than any other CA. Once you're a customer, it won't take long before you understand why.

Why Buy from The SSL Store™ ?

Why Buy from The SSL Store™ ?

In a nutshell, because you'll be getting the exact same products as you would from buying direct, but at much lower prices. How is this possible? Because we're platinum elite partners with DigiCert. That means we contractually commit to buying digital certificates in extremely large quantities at deeply discounted rates and are in a position to pass those savings directly to you. Also, we're not simply an SSL/TLS provider, but rather a Premium SSL/TLS Service, with a team of more than 80 SSL experts standing by ready to support your order and deliver value in more ways than any CA is willing or capable of doing for any one customer. You can always reach our SSL/TLS specialists via email, live chat and telephone.

Installation & Technical Support

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Additional Premium Features Included

Priority Support & Validation

DigiCert Secure Site Pro customers are the PKI industry's equivalent of power users. That's why every Secure Site Pro certificate comes with Priority Validation and Support. Cut the lines, avoid the waits – get your certificate issuance expedited. DigiCert is already the industry validation leader, so when you take priority you get what you need FAST. And just as conveniently, after your first validation you can skip it for the next 27 months. That means every subsequent request gets issued instantly. Stop waiting around for SSL.

Website Malware Scanning
Highest Warranty Protection in the Industry

Secure Site Pro SSL customers receive access to the fully-unlocked version of CertCentral® Certificate Management Platform – the powerful, easy-to-use management solution leveraged by some of the world’s most successful companies. Certificate Management shouldn't be time consuming or tedious – so don't let it be. CertCentral™ streamlines everything, providing full visibility over every certificate on your network through a single, user-friendly interface. With a range of automation options and integrations – you'll wonder how you ever managed certificates without it.

  • Total visibility over all certificates on your network
  • Role-based permissions for individuals and teams
  • Automation via REST, SCEP, EST or ACME
  • Find and remediate vulnerabilities as they occur
  • Notifications keep you aware of requests and expirations
  • Complete control through a single, easy-to-use interface
  • Certificate Transparency Monitoring notifies you whenever a certificate is issued
  • Blacklist monitoring keeps your website in good standing

Malware Scanning

More than just SSL, DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL certificates include daily malware scanning. Using a library of well over 30,000 known malware samples, DigiCert's scanners conduct regular sweeps of your website and notify you anytime malicious code or software is spotted. The results of your most recent scan can be seen by clicking your Norton Secured™ seal. Make sure you're securing more than just your connections with Secure Site Pro SSL.

Vulnerability Assessment

Malware scanning only picks up half the threats facing your website. The other half – unpatched vulnerabilities – don't always come up with a malware scan. Fortunately, DigiCert's Vulnerability Assessment fills in the gaps, compiling a list of vulnerabilities ranked by severity and serving them up alongside helpful remediation advice. Don't just hope your website doesn't get caught by any vulnerabilities – make sure it doesn't.

Web Application Firewall

SSL/TLS secures the connections being made with your website and keeps the data being transmitted from being compromised. But there's a lot more coming in and out of your network than just HTTPS connections. A good firewall helps websites control what comes and goes through their networks. DigiCert Secure Site Pro doesn't come with a good firewall – it comes with a great firewall. One that can help shore up your website's defenses beyond simple connection security.

Post-Quantum Cryptography

Modern Encryption is based on mathematical principles that are easy for modern computers to perform but difficult to reverse. Quantum computing, which is set to be exponentially more powerful, will change all that. Fortunately, DigiCert is leading the post-quantum charge, developing quantum-proof cryptosystems capable of withstanding the powerful challenges presented by quantum computers. Every Secure Site Pro SSL certificate is signed with both a modern cryptosystem AND a post-quantum one. That way when quantum computing finally arrives – you'll already be quantum-proof.

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