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DigiCert S/MIME Certificate


DigiCert S/MIME Certificate

Secure your email communications by encrypting and digitally signing your emails with the CA trusted by 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

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Product Summary

  • Yes or No IconEmail Signing: Yes
  • Yes or No IconEmail Encryption: Yes
  • Yes or No IconDocument Signing: Yes
  • Yes or No IconCertificate Authentication: Yes
  • Yes or No IconAdobe-Supported: No
  • Yes or No IconDevice Licensing: Unlimited

DigiCert S/MIME Certificates make it easy to digitally sign and encrypt your emails – protecting your email communications from a variety of cyber threats. According to a Verizon report, attacks on organizations are rising, with the median amount stolen through Business Email Compromise (BEC) now reaching $50,000 USD. That’s why it’s imperative to take all possible measures to secure your email. By adopting email security best practices, such as implementing organization-wide S/MIME, you protect not only your company, employees, and customers but also anyone who interacts with you from dangerous cyber criminals.


How S/MIME Certificates Protect Your Emails

S/MIME uses a combination of digital signatures and true end-to-end encryption to protect your emails against a litany of threats, including:

  • Theft of intellectual property and/or capital
  • Damages to brand integrity
  • Accidental data exposure
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Spoofed phishing emails
  • And many other potential breaches of security, security oversights and forms of cybercriminal attacks.

Here’s how the dual protection offered by DigiCert S/MIME certificates works:

  1. Digital signatures validate the sender. When you digitally sign your emails, the recipient will know that the email came from you, not an imposter or phisher. This protects your brand and helps users identify and avoid email phishing scams.
  2. End-to-end encryption protects the email contents. Most email inboxes are full of private data—customer records, company secrets, HR records, and more. If a hacker broke into your email system, they could steal all kinds of sensitive data! But with end-to-end encryption, even if a hacker manages to steal emails off your server, they won’t be able to read the email contents unless they have your private key.

Document Signing

An added benefit of the DigiCert S/MIME Certificate is that it allows you to digitally sign company documents. This means that anyone who is receiving the document will have proof that the document is coming from who it says it’s coming from and they’ll know there was not any tampering with the document while in transit.

The DigiCert S/MIME Certificate document signing feature works with the entire Microsoft Office Suite. However, if your company wants to sign Adobe PDFs, we recommend using the DigiCert Document Signing Certificate, which is on the Adobe Approved Trust List.

Client Authentication

The DigiCert S/MIME Certificate is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Another additional benefit this certificate provides is that it allows you to increase protection for your network, applications, and servers with certificate-based two-factor authentication.

This means you can ensure only authorized users can access your servers that contain sensitive data, such as customer information or financial documents. This is done by only allowing users with an authorized client certificate to access your server.

Usernames and passwords have become increasingly unreliable and vulnerable. Eliminate the risk of relying solely on passwords and turn to a higher level of security with client authentication certificates. Think of two-factor authentication the same as when your banker asks for a 2nd form of identification (such as a passport), ensuring that a criminal has not intercepted your more common form of identification.

Mobile & Browser Compatibility

Mobile & Browser Compatibility

All major email clients, internet browsers and mobile devices support the DigiCert S/MIME Certificate.

Supported Clients:

  • Supported by popular email platforms like Microsoft Outlook, Google Mail, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird.
  • Supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer.
  • Supported operating systems include: Windows, Linux, MacOS.

Features & Benefits

Feature & Benefits
  • Protect emails from cybercriminals – Encrypting and digitally signing your email prevents the interception and compromise of the sensitive information often contained in emails.
  • Maintain compliance – End-to-end email encryption makes it easy for you to protect data and stay compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulatory frameworks.
  • Avoid phishing and malware – The DigiCert S/MIME Certificate proves the email sender’s identity is accurate and truthful, so you and your team can confirm that the emails they receive are not spoofed emails from a cybercriminal.
  • Protects your network and servers from attacks or leaks – Certificate-based authentication is far more secure than password authentication (which is susceptible to phishing, brute force, and interception). That means your servers and the private data they contain will be much more secure.
  • Securely send and validate Microsoft Office documents – By digitally signing your documents the recipient has proof of authorship and peace of mind knowing the document wasn’t tampered with.

Why Buy from The SSL Store™ ?

Why Buy from The SSL Store™ ?

With undying dedication to the craft, The SSL Store stands on its knowledge, expert team and unmatched industry relationships with the top cybersecurity brands in the world. From its 30-day money back guarantee to its highly devoted and knowledgeable support staff (available 24/7 via live chat, phone or email), it’s not hard to see just how much we care about you – the customer.

DigiCert Brand

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As the premier brand in the TLS/SSL, IoT and PKI space, DigiCert hangs its hat on offering industry-leading solutions for every digital certificate use case. No other brand inspires the same level of trust thanks to its worldwide recognition and recognizable DigiCert Secure site seal. With the ability to support any digital certificate at any scale and unparalleled proficiency in encryption and authentication, its easy to see why 97 of the top 100 global banks feel confident in choosing DigiCert.

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