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DigiCert Document Signing Certificate

Securely send documents with legally-binding, Adobe-trusted signatures using the DigiCert Document Signing Certificate


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Product Summary

The DigiCert Document Signing Certificate allows you to sign and send legally binding documents for nearly any purpose—financial, medical, housing, or many others. This certificate applies a secure digital signature that complies with the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act and other additional international laws.

The DigiCert Document Signing Certificate offers several key benefits that make document signing simple and secure:

  • Adobe Trusted. The DigiCert Document Signing Certificate is compatible with all the top programs, including being listed on the Adobe Approved Trust List. This means that you can legally sign documents from anywhere on any top program.
  • Can’t Be Faked. A simple e-signature is easy to fake—you can type in any name you want when signing a document. With the DigiCert Document Signing Certificate, though, signatures can’t be faked because they’re verified and authentication by DigiCert’s trusted PKI.
  • Tamper Proof. Unlike simple e-signatures, this digital certificate offers you and your organization a truly secure way to send documents. When you digitally sign a document with this certificate, the recipient’s computer will automatically verify to ensure the document hasn’t been tampered with since you signed it.
  • Extra Private Key Protection. Your digital signature is pretty darn important. Don’t worry, DigiCert will protect it for you by keeping your private key secured with two-factor authentication. The two factors are a password and an encrypted USB token that is physically shipped to you with the pre-installed certificate after you make the purchase. You never want a hacker to be able to steal your private key and sign things with your name - this added security prevents that!

Document Signing vs. E-Signatures

DigiCert Document Signing Certificates are significantly more secure and effective than simple e-signatures.

E-signatures are essentially nothing more than an online signature. It can be difficult to prove the authenticity of the signature (someone can type in any name they want) and it will not notify you if the document was tampered with. A document signing certificate, which creates a digital signature (not an e-signature), allows for the recipient to authenticate who the sender is and know if the document was tampered with. Not to mention, with the DigiCert Document Signing Certificate, your digital signature is protected, thanks to the two-factor authentication used to secure your private key. Thus, making it unarguably a more secure way to sign and send documents.

Trusted by Adobe & Other Top Programs

The DigiCert Document Signing Certificate is trusted and compatible with Adobe and all other top programs. A certificate/provider must be on the Adobe Approved Trust List to be compatible with Adobe programs. If you sign a PDF with a non-Adobe approved certificate the recipient will see an error message when they open the document. At minimum that’s a hassle, and at worst it could sidetrack a deal from closing. That’s why using a certificate that’s on the Adobe Approved Trust List is so important!

Document Signing

Features & Benefits

Feature & Benefits
  • Securely Send Documents – With your two-factor authentication protected digital signature, you will be able to send documents more safely. The recipient will have the ability to verify the sender and will be notified if the document has been tampered with.
  • Meet Compliance Standards - The DigiCert Document Signing Certificate meets the standards of the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act as well as other international laws.
  • Trusted by All Major Programs - The DigiCert Document Signing Certificate is trusted and compatible with all major programs, which includes being on the coveted Adobe Approved Trust List.

DigiCert Brand

This document signing certificate is issued from the highly trusted DigiCert roots. How trusted is DigiCert? 89% of the Fortune 500 use DigiCert due to their industry-leading performance in TLS/SSL, IoT and PKI solutions:

  • Industry-leading features such as post-quantum cryptography
  • Enterprise-grade PKI and certificate management solutions
  • Cutting-edge R&D in verified mark certificates, quantum cryptography, and more
  • Most trusted CA in security-critical industries such as finance and ecommerce

Why Buy from The SSL Store™ ?

Why Buy from The SSL Store™ ?

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