DigiCert CertCentral® Enterprise

One dashboard for all your public, private and other digital certificates

DigiCert's CertCentral® Enterprise simplifies everything, making it easy for you to manage all your digital certificates from a single, scalable platform. This robust solution is one of DigiCert's many industry-leading offerings, including the Secure Site line of premium digital certificates, all backed by trusted expertise and guidance to protect you and your customers. Find out why 89% of Fortune 500 companies and 97 of the top 100 global banks choose DigiCert solutions.

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95% of organizations don't know where all the certificates are in their network.

Source: Mandiant

Complete Control that's Simple

  • Discover & Manage

    Easily discover and manage all publicly and privately trusted certificates across your enterprise

  • Reduce Unnecessary Risk

    Keep your inventory and status automatically up to date with continuous search and monitoring

  • Boost User Confidence

    Gain 24/7 visibility of all certificates, regardless of which CA issued them or where they're installed

  • Save Time & Money

    Save time and money by
    automating the entire management
    lifecycle from a single intuitive
    user interface

  • Fast Meets Efficiency

    Set up easily and reduce
    clicks and errors with
    features like auto-populate
    and "copy and paste"

  • Simplify Login

    Simplify login while increasing security with Single Sign-On (SSO) using popular services like OKTA and OneLogin

Fast Meets Efficiency

  • Discover & Manage

    Automate management using REST and GraphQL APIs, and standard protocols such as ACME

  • Get proactive alerts

    Get proactive alerts to easily remediate vulnerabilities and weaknesses before they cause problems

  • Manage SSL/TLS

    Manage SSL/TLS, private CA, code and document signing and client certificates from one scalable platform

  • Even out the workload

    Even out the workload with
    easy-to-assign role management
    capabilities to fit your
    business model

  • Save time

    Save time and manual clicks by configuring certificates to renew automatically, including endpoint installation

  • Simplify Login

    Gain continuous improvements
    with on-going enhancements
    in the frequently updated

Flexibility that Fits Every Use Case

  • Simplify certificate management

    Simplify certificate management for both cloud and hosted environments

  • Define custom certificate

    Define custom certificate validity periods to support a range of scenarios

  • Control your costs

    Control your costs through automated proration of certificate usage

  • Certificate requests fast

    Fulfill certificate requests fast,
    such as guest URLs, with
    custom workflows

  • Fast Meets Efficiency

    Apply IP address restrictions
    across an entire account,
    per user or per guest URL

  • Simplify Login

    Add extra protection with
    multi-approver workflows and
    complex password policies

Easily Customize & Run Reports

  • Assign role-based access Assign role-based access with a click
  • Distribute tasks Distribute tasks and streamline workflows
  • Define custom certificate Define custom certificate requirements
  • Certificate usage Gain insights into certificate usage
  • Audit preparation Make audit preparation a breeze
  • Flexibility and Control Enable both flexibility and control

Improve Security & Compliance

  • Increase security

    Increase security with SSO,
    multi-factor authentication and IP
    address restrictions for
    certificate requests

  • Customize access

    Customize access and permissions to improve control over TLS/SSL certificate deployment within business units

  • Resolve vulnerabilities

    Resolve vulnerabilities, upcoming expirations, outdated algorithms and weak cypher suites before they cause outages

  • Enforce consistent

    Enforce consistent enterprise-wide standards and satisfy industry requirements to minimize exposure and risk

See how DigiCert's CertCentral Enterprise can simplify your life.

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