Nellie Sela

Office Manager

Nellie Sela

It's because of Nellie that employees enjoy their work environment so much. She makes everyone's job easier by keeping morale up and maintaining a high quality of life in the office.

Nellie keeps everyone loose and affable, from maintaining a fully-stocked break room to her daily afternoon exercise breaks. "My job is to make your job easier," she always says.

Nellie brings over 20 years of experience in office administration and management, she's exceedingly organized, meticulous and a great planner – that's what makes her such an asset to The SSL Store™.

While Nellie just kind of "fell into" the cybersecurity industry she loves being "part of a company who takes cyber security seriously," as well as taking part in helping companies and people stay safe by defending against cybercrime.

In her personal life, Nellie is passionate about fitness, challenging herself with weekly boot camps and regular spin classes. Combining her love for fitness and her desire to give back to her community, she organizes a Breast Cancer Awareness Spin Ride in the month of October.

Funds raised help to subsidize treatment for low-income patients. She's been fortunate to have the St. Pete community support the cause. She also loves biking, kayaking and paddle boarding – or you might just find her out on her patio enjoying a sunset, cocktail in hand.