The SSL Store™ Reseller Channel FAQ

Experience the benefits of partnering with the ONLY premium SSL service in the industry

Choosing The SSL Store™

Who should become a reseller of The SSL Store™ ?

Any company that buys more than just one SSL certificate per year for their own website should consider becoming a reseller of The SSL Store™. Whether you're a web hosting company that bundles SSL certificates with specific packages, an IT service provider that is in the business of protecting their clients' websites from hackers, a domain registrar, or any other type of business that deals with websites on a daily basis, our reseller program is the perfect fit. Sound familiar? If this describes your company, be sure and sign-up to become a reseller today by clicking here. Hide

Why should I become a reseller of The SSL Store™ ?

If your company fits the above description, there are many reasons for becoming a reseller of The SSL Store™, which will be outlined in more detail below. But basically, our program allows our resellers to sell, manage, and provision SSL from one easy-to-use control panel. We're partnered with some of the largest and most trusted CAs in the world, including Comodo, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL and we buy SSL in extremely large quantities at deeply discounted rates. We are then able to pass these savings directly to our resellers. The best part is, our resellers have access to all of these products from just one source, and they leave the negotiating and direct correspondence to the CAs up to us. Our resellers don't have to sign any contracts or make commitments of any kind. In fact, all our resellers have to worry about is just selling SSL. Plus, we offer 24/7 platinum support via phone, email, and live chat, and we always assign a personal account manager to each of our resellers to ensure they get the assistance they need, exactly when they need it. Hide

What makes this SSL reseller program different from the program available?

What sets our channel apart from other SSL reseller programs is the commitment to the craft. You may be asking, "What does that mean?" Well, we consider our company to be more than just an SSL provider – but rather, a premium SSL service. A lot of our competitors run their SSL reseller networks on the side. And who could blame them? After all, web hosting, domain registration, SEO, pay-per-click campaigns, and other online services take up a lot of time. But here at The SSL Store™, our only focus is on SSL – it's all we do. We have a team of more than 45 full-time professionals solely dedicated to SSL and our resellers benefit directly from this unmatched level of commitment and service. The only thing we do during our work days is try and think of new ways to help our resellers sell more SSL.
We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all issued certificates, not a measly 7- or 15-day warranty like some of our competitors. Plus, in keeping with our commitment to provide each one of our resellers with an unmatched level of personalized service, we assign an account manager to each reseller. Our resellers know their account manager's name, email address, direct line, and cell phone number. No machines, no automated responses, but real solutions from real people. Hide

What do your SSL certificates offer to my customers?

In the most basic sense: SSL certificates keep information protected from hackers when being sent from a browser to a server. So, any website that collects personal data from customers – whether its usernames, passwords, credit card information, or anything else that is best kept out of the public eye – should be protected by an SSL certificate. As a web-based business, it's safe to assume that your customers expect you to provide them with a certain level of online security, and SSL certificates are the first line of defense in keeping online transactions safe and out of the reach of hackers, phishers, and other threats.
But in greater context: SSL certificates offer trust. And what price can you ultimately place on garnering the trust of a customer? SSL certificates, especially EV certificates, make websites more trustworthy, since customers will know that their personal information will be encrypted and protected from hackers, so they can feel confident making purchases online. Hide

Cost and Pricing

Are there any minimum purchase or revenue requirements?

No. It is completely free to sign up to become a reseller of The SSL Store™, and there are no monthly purchase requirements or minimum sales goals to hit. Our resellers are free to buy and sell at whatever pace best fits their business. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to become a reseller today. Hide

What are the pricing levels of the reseller channel?

Our pricing structure works just like a frequent flyer program – the more a reseller buys (or sells) the lower their pricing becomes. We break our pricing down into the following four levels:

  • Silver (starting level)
  • Gold ($2,500+)
  • Platinum ($5,000+)
  • Titanium ($10,000+)

All of our resellers start out at silver pricing and automatically reach the next threshold when they sell that amount in SSL certificates. However, we do offer a Switch & Match Guarantee, which means that if you have previous experience selling SSL with another company, we don't think you should have to start all over from the beginning. If a new reseller provides us the receipts for their past two years of SSL sales, we will credit their account with that amount right away. That means, a new reseller could qualify for better pricing right out of the gate. Our resellers also have the option to deposit funds into their accounts and advance up the pricing levels right away.
There are numerous other ways for our resellers to make their way up the pricing ladder. If its excellent pricing you're looking for, you've come to the right place. As stated above, since we buy SSL directly from the CAs in large quantities, we receive deeply discounted rates, which we pass directly to our resellers. And better rates for us mean better margins for our resellers. Hide

How can I make money? How will The SSL Store help my business make money?

It's simple. Since we buy SSL in extremely large quantities at deeply discounted rates, guess who also benefits? Our resellers! We pass our savings directly to our resellers, meaning they have the opportunity for HUGE margins on SSL and the ability to bolster their bottom line. Plus, we provide our resellers with access to FREE marketing materials, along with best practices and sales techniques, to help increase their ability to truly profit from SSL. Hide


Can I integrate my site with yours?

Absolutely. We offer the industry's most robust API, which makes it extremely simple for resellers to integrate their site with ours. We have developed and created a fully functional API built on REST that is immediately available to all of our resellers. Our API allows resellers to completely manage and provision SSL certificate offerings and perform functions like ordering, cancelling, fulfilling, and more, under one roof. We also have a SOAP API, along with an SDK for all PHP users. Sign up to become a reseller today to gain access to our robust API. Hide

Does The SSL Store offer any integration plugins with hosting or billing platforms?

Yes. Our team of developers works around the clock on developing plugins for the most popular hosting billing control panels on the planet. Some of the plugins we have developed so far include WHMCS, Parallels, HostBill, ClientExec, and ISPsystem. Best of all, these are all completely free of charge!
We have also developed a White Branded Storefront solution that is available to our resellers. This is a clone website of our that our resellers can customize with their own logos, color scheme, prices, and more. That's right, a pre-built website available exclusively to our resellers. We've already done the hard work for you, all that's left to do now is sell! Hide


Will my customers know you exist?

Nope. Everything we offer to our resellers is completely White Label, whether you take advantage of our White Branded Storefront, API, or integration plug-ins, your customers won't see our name anywhere. Your customers will consider you the go-to source for everything SSL, just as it should be. Hide

What types of marketing materials are available?

Yet another feature exclusive to our reseller channel, we offer our resellers access to a private website known as The Profit Portal™. Through the Profit Portal™, our resellers have access to marketing materials on every certificate we offer, along with sales techniques, SEO advice, valuable keywords to target, EV-specific information, and a whole bunch of other valuable information specifically designed to help our resellers market and sell SSL on their websites. Again, this site is only available to approved resellers of The SSL Store™, so be sure and click here to sign up today. Hide

Signing Up

This all sounds great! How do I sign up?

To sign-up for your free reseller account, all you have to do is click on this link: Once you fill out the application, your account manager will soon be in contact with you. That's right – a human being! Our personalized service starts right from the beginning. So, what are you waiting for? Maximize your profits with SSL and sign up to become a reseller of The SSL Store™ today! Hide