Why do I need SSL now?

The browsers have made encryption mandatory in 2017

SSL certificates are now a requirement for all websites. The browsers – led by Google and Mozilla – have mandated all sites be served with encryption via HTTPS. To accomplish this transition the browsers have created a new security warnings. A Secure/Not Secure binary that labels sites based on their SSL implementation. Don't worry, we can help.

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Why do I need SSL now

Encryption is mandatory in 2018

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is essentially a piece of software that is installed on a server to facilitate encryption. In order for an SSL certificate to be trusted by browsers it has to be issued by a trusted certificate authority.

Trusted Certificate Authorities:

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Is SSL expensive?

It depends on what you're using SSL for. SSL serves two functions: it secures connections between a web server and a web user's browser, but it can also provide verified proof of identity. If you just need encryption, SSL is cheap. If you want business authentication, it can get a little more pricey. But don't worry, nobody sells SSL for less than us. We guarantee it.

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Is SSL expensive
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Why do the browsers get to decide
what's mandatory?

Let me ask you a question, could you use the internet without your web browser? No. Your browser is your portal to the internet. If websites want to be viewed correctly, they need to be trusted by the browsers. And the browsers have decided not to trust unencrypted HTTP websites.

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What kind of SSL certificate do I need?

Let's break it down this way, there are three validation levels and four kinds of certificate.

DV SSL Certificates Domain Validation: No business authentication, just encryption.
OV SSL Certificates Organization Validation: Light business authentication, encryption.
EV SSL Certificates Extended Validation: Full business authentication, encryption.

Then there are four different kinds

Single Domain Single Domain: Secures one domain
Multi-Domain Multi-Domain: Secures up to 250 domains
Wildcard Wildcard: Secures one domain and unlimited accompanying sub-domains
Multi-Domain Wildcard Multi-Domain Wildcard: Secures up to 250 domains and unlimited accompanying sub-domains

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