Site Seals

Understanding why Site Seals play an important role in E-commerce

You know the standard trust indicators for SSL, a padlock and a green "HTTPS." If you have an EV certificate you'll also have a green address bar with your organization's name in it.

But what about Site Seals?

Site Seals are the tiny images – sometimes static, sometimes dynamic – that appear on certain webpages to assure visitors that their connection is encrypted and that they are safe here.

Site Seals

Not all Site Seals are created equal—just like not all Certificate Authorities are created equal…

Static vs. Dynamic

There are many different types of site seal, and two categories. Let's take a closer look. Depending on the type of certificate you get, you may get a Static Site Seal, or you may get a Dynamic one.

Site Seals

Static Site Seals

Static Site Seals cannot be clicked on. They are, essentially, just image files that can be put on a website to indicate to visitors that the site has security. Many people don't realize that they can click on Site Seals in the first place, but with a static site seal you are missing an opportunity to display important details about your SSL certificate.

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Site Seals

Dynamic Site Seals

On the other end of the spectrum you have Dynamic Site Seals. These can be clicked on to display important security details and offer a greater level of assurance to website visitors. It's all about trust in e-commerce and these Site Seals imbue the most trust. Dynamic Site Seals are typically associated with high-end offerings, like OV and EV certificates.

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Something to Remember

Something to Remember...

With a high end site seal, a website can gain trust from users instantly. Many of the higher-end trust seals, Symantec's in particular, are even proven to help raise conversion rates. More customers are inclined to go through with their purchase if they see the DigiCert Secured Seal than with any other Site Seal.

The Brand Matters

Not all Site Seals are created equal—just like not all Certificate Authorities are created equal. Within the realm of web security, some companies have better standing than others. A static RapidSSL Site Seal isn't going to offer as much assurance as a dynamic Comodo Seal. And all of them pale in comparison to Symantec.

This is the result of years of higher visibility and greater market presence. When a visitor sees that DigiCert checkmark they are going to recognize it a greater percentage of the time and, in turn, feel safer. This is one of the results of Symantec being the most well-known, well-respected name in the web security industry.