Parag Mehta

Chief Technology Officer

Parag Mehta

After 14 years, programming still gives him goose pimples and puts his adrenalin into overdrive. Parag has been with theSSLstore since day one and is thrilled to be part of such a passionate, committed team.

In addition to designing theSSLstore's industry leading infrastructure, managing the back office and proofing web site policies, Parag applies his master problem-solving skills to coming up with smart solutions that fit customer's time and budget requirements.

He has so many certifications and initials after his name we can't list them all here but they include MCP, MCSE, MCSE + I, MCSD, MCDBA, Sun Certified Java Programmer and Oracle Certified Programmer.

Parag is a human sponge just waiting to soak up that next insight – every day is a learning experience. When he's not pushing technology to new limits, he's using it, by either watching a movie (popcorn's a must) or showing his XBOX360 who's boss.

We can only wonder what technology his two-year-old daughter will be using in 15 years!