Nicholas Perkins

Finance Manager

Nicholas Perkins

Nicholas Perkins is the Finance Manager at The SSL Store™. Nick is a leader, both at his college, the University of South Florida, and here at work. He's passionate about ensuring that customers are getting a great experience.

Nick hates hearing about people who are going through hosting struggles or system administrator issues—it's something that inspires him to give the best customer service possible.

For Nick – who comes from a web hosting background – the best part of the job is getting to be around the hosting industry without being directly involved. To this day he still messes around with virtual servers, control panels, DNS clusters and SSL—all of which help him to assist clients.

In his personal life Nick is an avid photographer—he just can't put the camera down.

His interest grew when he started playing with an old Canon TI and slowly progressed to shooting in the manual setting. He currently freelances and works with USF. Nick is also obsessed with the Internet, so much so that he couldn't possibly envision giving it up.

All facets of his life are encompassed by it, as he put it, the Internet has "snowballed" into an integral being part of his everyday life.