With EV Certificates, The Green Address Bar is Literally GOLD!

Give online customers the confidence they need to do business with you

Would you do business with somebody you don’t trust? Of course not! Trust is one of the most important components of any business transaction…everyone asks themselves upfront in some form or fashion, is this person going to deliver on their word? This definitely holds true for business that is done in person….take a minute to think about it.
In person, there are thousands of little indicators that guide whether or not you actually trust the person you are planning to do business with. When meeting someone for the first time, a bunch of questions run through your mind, like:

  • Do they use professional mannerisms?
  • Are they dressed appropriately?
  • Do they look you in the eye when talking?
  • Are they clear and concise on what they are saying?
  • Do they speak confidently?
  • Was this person referred by someone?
  • So on and so on….the list could go on forever!

You ask all of these questions sub-consciously to determine if this person representing their company seems trustworthy enough to do business with. Agree?

Well, since you are still reading, I will assume that you agree☺. These types of things are virtually impossible to see or hear when a potential business transaction is about to happen online. There is no person standing in front of you, just a computer screen.

As more and more businesses move online, trust has become harder and harder to establish. After all, without that face or name to associate with a company, just how can you assure online visitors that you’re safe to do business with? EV SSL certificates!

EV stands for Extended Validation, and these certificates are the best solution when it comes to establishing trust online.  Extended Validation means that, before a Certification Authority (CA) can issue the SSL certificate, it must first conduct a thorough background check to ensure the existence and legitimacy of a business. Once a business passes the validation process, the EV certificate is issued, typically within 1-5 business days. Once installed, the EV certificate unlocks all of the visual indicators within the browser. The primary browser indicator you get to reap the benefits from is the green address bar that surrounds your URL.

The Green Address Bar – The Ultimate Sign of Trust

This is the most important feature that EV certificates offer to businesses. Websites equipped with an EV certificate get their URL surrounded with a green address bar in all major browsers. Yes, the same one that you see on your bank’s website!

Why Green Address Bar

People are conditioned from a young age to associate green with good, or even better, green means go! For example, what’s the color of money? Would you stop at a green light? And of course…who doesn’t like Kermit the Frog? Also, this same green address bar is being utilized by some of the largest and most trusted sites on the web like Twitter, Amazon, and Google. Don’t you want your site to be associated with companies like that?

The green address bar is a visual indicator (we like to call it a trust indicator) to online customers that your website is safe to conduct business on. And the only way to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind trust indicator is by installing an EV certificate on your website.

The Benefits of EV Don’t End There

Secure Green Bar

EV certificates offer a number of other features in addition to the green address bar, such as:

The SSL Store Certs Details
  • A padlock icon to the left of your URL that, when
    clicked, displays your company information. This is
    a quick way for customers to learn that they are on
    the website of a legitimate, registered business.
  • The highest level of encryption.
  • Free daily malware scans with certain EV certificates.
  • Free vulnerability assessments along with actionable
    reports on certain EV certificates.
  • 99.9% browser compatibility.
  • And many more

With the ability to add trust to your website, along with many other security features, EV certificates are simply the premier option when it comes to earning and maintaining credibility online. They are the only type of SSL certificate that can offer a return on your investment (ROI). Rather than simply being a cost to your business, they can be an asset – a tool that never stops working for you, earning the trust of online visitors and giving them the assurance they need to do business with your company.

So, if you’re ready to harness the power of the green address bar, please check out our list of EV certificate by clicking right here. We offer our EV certificates at much lower rates than you would get from buying direct – but you still get all of the same features and benefits. Or, if you would like more information about EV, or our company in general, please feel free to call us at +1-727.388.4240 or send us an email at [email protected].

Separate yourself from the pack. In the ever increasingly competitive World Wide Web, I would be looking for every little opportunity to catapult my business past the others…EV SSL certificates are that opportunity. It’s an easy one you can control with your own finger-tips. The time to act and be better than your competition is right now.