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Web hosts, meet the Encryption Everywhere™ program by DigiCert

Did you know that right now just 3% of web servers are encrypted!? Three percent. Three out of every 100 websites. That's almost hard to believe, but it's true. The vast majority of the encrypted web is comprised of e-commerce, healthcare, insurance and financial institutions' websites.

The rest of the Internet? No encryption, nothing to keep people's personal information safe. Any interested third party can easily intercept any of the data being sent back and forth between those surfing the web and the websites they visit.

97% Websites are Unencrypted

Why Encryption Everywhere™?

Encryption Privacy

100% Encryption

The need to encrypt the entire Internet is undeniable. Let's Encrypt has made a noble start towards accomplishing this, but only a company with a considerable reputation and resources can truly deliver on this.

Why is a completely encrypted Internet needed? Well...

  • Cyber attacks

    Chrome will start marking sites without HTTPS as non-secure

  • Encryption http/2

    Google giving even higher rankings boost to SSL/TLS sites

  • Encryption https

    Browsers mandating that HTTP/2 be deployed with encryption

  • Encryption http

    Gmail flagging emails that come from non-secure servers

  • Browsers warning Sign for Unsecure Website

    Popular mobile features only available with encryption

  • Browsers warning Sign for Unsecure Website

    Mozilla to make new features only available to HTTPS

And, of course, there's people's growing concerns over privacy in an increasingly digital age.

The Golden Age

Those factors have all come together to create a perfect storm where encrypting the entire internet has shifted from an idea to a movement. And DigiCert and The SSL Store are leading the way. Soon the entire internet will be encrypted thanks to a promising new initiative.

It's called Encryption Everywhere™.

And the goal, as if the name doesn't say it clearly enough, is to provide free encryption to everyone across the internet.

That makes this a golden age of opportunity for all those involved in the SSL industry.

Think about the potential of moving from an era when just 3% of sites need encryption to an age when 100% of them use it. Think about how many new customers that is. Think about all the potential to upsell.

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The Golden Age

Think about all the opportunity for growth.

Encryption Everywhere™ is happening. The only question is whether or not you're on board.

Are you ready to learn more?

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