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A SMARTER WAY TO BOOST CONVERSIONSTake Trust to the Next Level with a New, Dynamic Smart Seal

DigiCert Smart Seal

The Trust Seal Has Evolved, and It's Smarter Than Ever.

Trust starts with a first impression, and the new DigiCert Smart Seal helps win over customers as soon as they load a page for the first time.
The innovative and unique design includes an array of trust-building information via dynamic micro-interactions making
it nearly impossible to spoof. Visitors will see animations, your verified business details,
your company logo, SSL/TLS and other security information when they interact with it.

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The most innovative trust seal on the market for increasing
conversions, building trust, and protecting brands.

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83% of shoppers say the new Smart Seal features
boost trust when seen on a site.

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The Top 5 Reasons Your Site Needs the DigiCert Smart Seal

  • Increases Website Conversions

    Increases Website

    60% of shoppers have abandoned a purchase because there was no trust seal. Instantly boost consumer confidence at checkout by displaying a symbol users recognize, powered by the world's most trusted Certificate Authority.

  • Displays Trusted Authentication

    Displays Trusted

    Demonstrate that DigiCert, the world leader in high assurance TLS/SSL certificates has validated the site and is providing our industry-leading protection. It also verifies that an organization is properly securing its webpage and brand, which helps its reputation.

  • Inspires Engagement


    When users hover over the DigiCert Smart Seal, certificate information will be shown via micro-interactions. The seal will also produce an info page when clicked on, with details including company name, address, date issued and level of encryption.

  • Boosts Brand Credibility

    Boosts Brand

    Site seals help startups and growing businesses prove that they're established and credible. Brands benefit by aligning themselves with the leading TLS provider in the market, and further showing the user that they're on a legitimate site.

  • Increases User Confidence

    Increases User

    The dynamic animation within the seal draws from real-time DigiCert certificate data and gives site visitors assurance that the website is proactively protecting their data. The Smart Seal actively calls back to DigiCert for updated information.

83% of shoppers say the new Smart Seal features
boost trust when seen on a site.

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A Trust Seal That Works Smarter and Harder for You

A new way to showcase that you're a security-minded organization

Trust seals have remained the same since the early days of the internet – until now. DigiCert, the world's most trusted and respected provider of high-assurance certificates, has created a smarter site seal for a smarter digital world. It simply aligns security, identity and trust with your brand.

Here's how it looks at rest, after it loads.

Here's how it looks when a user hovers on it.

It Animates & Enlarges on Hover

Designed to stand out and engage with visitors, the Smart Seal proactively builds consumer confidence thanks to unique micro-interactions. Upon rollover, it displays a variety of visual trust indicator at a glance, without a click:

  • Website's URL
  • Company Name
  • Verified Company Logo
  • SSL Certificate
  • Verified Identity

Identity & Security Details Revealed When Clicked

When you install the DigiCert Smart Seal on your website, you aren't just adding a simple, static image. You're getting so much more. Now, the click-through information page is more sleek and modern and chock full of useful info:

  • Trusted third-party verification
  • Verified company name
  • Verified location
  • Details about your security
  • Difficult to copy, spoof, or steal
Digicert Identity & Security Details
Here's how it looks when a user clicks it.

Here's how it looks in the wild. This is our real one.

Check ours out! Try it out for yourself.

The Smart Seal has officially re-invented trust seals. Add it to your site today to stand out from the competition—there's nothing else like it. Benefit from more trust and the conversion boost it provides.

The new DigiCert Smart Seal comes with the purchase of any Secure Site or Secure Site Pro Certificate.

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Smart Seal Provides a Bigger Conversion Boost
Than Any Other Site Seal

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The most innovative trust seal on the market for increasing
conversions, building trust, and protecting brands.

Get a Smart Seal with Secure Site Now

Learn more about how the smart seal benefits
businesses like yours.

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DigiCert Simply Helps You Sell More


of online shoppers recognize the DigiCert name, powering the
internet's most recognized and effective site seals.


of customers feel safe and continue on with their online purchase
when they see the DigiCert name during checkout.

Proven to Boost Conversions

Proven to Boost Conversions

When customers feel comfortable during the sales cycle, they're much more likely to complete a purchase. Instantly maximize consumer confidence at checkout by featuring a name and logo that shoppers recognize, powered by the most trusted certificate authority on the internet.

Taking Trust to the Next Level

Taking Trust to the Next Level

Nowadays, browser trust icons like the "padlock" in the address bar don't differentiate between certificate validation levels. It's why more and more attackers are using DV certificates on malicious websites. The Smart Seal indicates to visitors that you're using a high-assurance certificate that can be trusted.

Showcase Your Secure Site

Showcase Your Secure Site

The DigiCert Smart Seal comes included with all Secure Site and Secure Site Pro certificates. You're going the extra mile to secure and validate your site, so why not tell your visitors about it with a powerful visual indicator? The Smart Seal displays your commitment to the safety of your customers.


The Value of the DigiCert Smart Seal in Numbers


of users look for a site seal before making a purchase


shoppers feel that sites with trust seals are secure


haven't purchased due to the lack of a trust seal


abandoned cart because they didn't trust the site

The Smart Seal Directly Addresses Consumer
Concerns to Help You Sell More

  • 1

    Site seals give customers visual confirmation that their transactions are secure.

  • 2

    Site seals let customers know that a brand is prioritizing privacy and security.

  • 3

    Site seals are proven to increase conversions and reduce cart abandonment.

The DigiCert Smart Seal is only available with a Secure Site
or Secure Site Pro SSL certificate.

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Sell More with the Most Innovative Trust Seal on the Market

Trust is everything when it comes to selling online. Shoppers simply won't do business with websites they don't trust.

The DigiCert Smart Seal tackles trust head-on, leading the way with unique, dynamic innovations that make it the most effective and powerful trust seal available. It's a smarter symbol of trust for a smarter world.

Get it today and start benefiting from the conversion boost it provides - included with any Secure Site or Secure Site Pro certificate.