Meet Robert Walters

Chief Financial Officer

Robert WaltersSome people paint by the numbers. Robert Walters is utterly fascinated with success by the numbers. His affection for analysis most likely started when he was a cryptologic technician for the U.S. Navy and he got paid to figure out puzzles. So it's not at all puzzling that today Robert is a whiz at making sure the 'i's are dotted and that, at the end of the day, everything adds up. But don't let his excitement over spreadsheets define him – Robert's much more than just a numbers guy. He's also instrumental in creating and maintaining win-win vendor relationships – a skill that's worth a million bucks to you, our clients. The SSLstore's ability to offer the top name-brand certificates at such affordable prices, and offer an extremely lucrative partner program, all starts with building rock-solid relationships with the industry's leading security vendors. When Robert's not decoding profit and loss puzzles or giving our vendors constant reminders of why the SSLstore is the go-to reseller, he spends a good fraction of his time enjoying dynamic discussions about current events, adding to his knowledge base by reading a presidential biography, calculating his next move in a friendly game of chess or croquet – with the remainder of his time spent playing piano or shooting pool.