Kalpesh Patel

Digital Marketing Manager

Kalpesh Patel

Creating web sites that work as well for users as they do for search engines is no easy task, Kalpesh Patel just makes it look easy. He's been a huge fan of the Internet and new technology since—forever.

It didn't take him long after becoming a webmaster to realize that creating a web site is just the first step in building a brand and executing marketing strategies that deliver real value to customers and enable companies to evolve based on each customers need.

It's no wonder Kalpesh won Best Manager Award while working for Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services after growing the Internet Marketing department to 30 team members and increasing business leads up to 200 percent.

He's a master at making sure The SSL Store attracts people who are looking for the best online security solutions and giving them the information they need to make a smart decision. Kalpesh is the reason why all the efforts of our SEO specialists, bloggers, content writers, web designers, graphic designers and programmers come together to create a seamless user experience.

He's like that guy that spins all the plates at the same time without one breaking - only better. When he's not working wonders with the web site or trying out new online marketing tactics, Kalpesh loves hanging out with friends or seeing who calls checkmate first while playing chess with his son.

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